Subscriber computer service

Nothing is forever and personal computers are no exception. If your computer has stopped turning on, Windows does not start, it turns off itself, that is, the need to repair computers. Computer repair is the replacement of component systems, cables, cables.


The main reasons for computer repair are:


  • Refusal to be serviced by a master
  • Overheating of PC elements
  • Severe physical damage to the computer
  • Incorrect installation of components
  • Incorrect computer shutdown
  • Computer overload with heavy programs and games that will run out of computer resources



The most common reason is the refusal to service the computer. As a result, the computer overheats, starts to work slower, components do not cope with this temperature and load and fail prematurely.


In order to avoid such a problem, we recommend contacting our masters at least once every six months to assess the condition of each element of your computer, diagnose and clean the computer.


The wizard will also give you tips on how to properly use the resources of your computer and install the programs necessary to monitor the technical condition of the system.

List of operations
Recommendations from the master 300 uah
Cleaning all elements of the system 5000 uah
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